Member Benefits

  1. Access to ABCC formal accreditation process
  2. ABCC independent speakers bureau
  3. Book, DVD, and Center promotional ad discounts
    - 30 percent discount on ads in Diverse for culture Center programs
    - 25 percent discount on books through Third World Press
    - 50 percent discount on selected titles at California Newsreel
  4. Conference registration discounts
  5. Pre-conference professional development institutes
  6. ABCC newsletters
  7. Access to lists of active African American, Latino, Asian American, Native American, Multiculture centers, and related offices
  8. Conference networking opportunities with directors, faculty, staff and students
  9. New networking possibilities with Ethnic Knowledge Groups of major mainstream student activity organizations, as well as with Chief Diversity Officers: NASPA, ACPA, and NADOHE
  10. New networking possibilities with national academic and professional development organizations: NCBS, ASALH, AHSA, and AABHE
  11. Job postings on the ABCC website
  12. Publication possibilities in ABCC series of books on centers
  13. Conference student track if your Institution is a college/university member

The ABCC is the only organization in the country with a year round program to support your Center in the ways cited above, and we also have experts who can come to your campuses for nominal fees to provide consultation based on long years of directing these centers.

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