2016 Board Committees

  Membership Student Research/ Development Dr. LaKeitha A. Poole, Chair Conference Dr. Fred Hord, Chair
LaKeitha A. Poole, Co-Chair
Dr. Fred Hord, Chair
Public Relations Larry Williamson, Jr., Chair Business/
Marjorie Fuller, Chair


Strategic Planning
Todd McFadden, Chair
Institutional Benefits
Dr. Shakeer A. Abdullah, Chair


Constitution and By-laws Committee (standing sommittee)
Shakeer Abdullah, Chair
Nomination and Election Committee (ad-hoc committee)
Deirdre Haywood-Rouse, Chair
Audit Committee (ad-hoc committee)
Schvalla Rivera, Chair

Dr. Shakeer A. Abdullah

            X X X    

Dr. Rodney T. Cohen

        X   X     X  
Dr. Frank Dobson X     X              
Marjorie Fuller   X       X               X  

Dr. Fred Hord
(Executive Director/Ex-Officio)

    X X     X           X    
Todd McFadden             X X X   X
Dr. LaKeitha A. Poole   X X                     X  
Schvalla Rivera   X         X           X           X
Deirdre Rouse X       X         X  
Dr. Teresa Smith           X X        
Larry Williamson, Jr. X       X                  X