Initial Candidacy for Center Accreditation

The ABCC accreditation process includes a thorough self-study and peer review of your college/university's Center. As the only national organization for Black, Latino, Asian American and Native American Culture Centers, our network of experienced Center directors will conduct a peer review of your Center’s effectiveness. Using the self-study and peer review results, you can demonstrate the effectiveness of your Center's educational programs and student services, and move forward with accreditation. At the same time, the ABCC accreditation process supports your institution's enrollment and retention efforts through criteria focused on student needs.

How to Get Started: Preliminary Information Form Process

Centers considering initial affiliation with the ABCC complete a Preliminary Information Form (PIF). For each General Center Requirement (GRC), the form requests information and/or requires specific documentation to verify the Center’s responses to those requests. The Council for Black and Ethnic Minority Centers (CBEMC) uses the PIF process to screen applying Centers, evaluate the subsequent self-study, and conduct an on-site assessment through a visit team after a Center’s PIF provides convincing evidence that the team might be able to agree that each GCR is met. Email to obtain a password to complete your PIF.

Complete Your PIF
(password required)

Pricing and Next Steps

After submitting your PIF on the ABCC website, a check for $500 must be mailed to ABCC headquarters. If the PIF includes sufficient evidence in response to each GRC, the ABCC will authorize the Center to start the self-study. At this time, the Center must pay an additional $1,000 to complete the self-study and prepare for the peer review. The Center decides if the peer review will be completed by one commissioner for $1,500 or two commissioners for $2,500. If the peer review is successful, the Center will be awarded initial accreditation by the ABCC. All fees are non-refundable.